Welcome to ACC Workshop

Fielding Legged Robotics off the Beaten Path

Monday, May 24, 2021

The ACC workshop registration is open until May 21st. You are welcome to register through this website https://acc2021.a2c2.org/registration. You can register the workshop only if you don’t plan to attend the main conference.


The primary purpose of this workshop is to discuss the challenges and requirements in control, dynamics, optimization, and system design for fielding legged robotics in real-world scenarios. These types of robotic platforms have an enormous potential for swaths of applications, particularly where mobility challenges limit the application of more traditional ground robots. We will use this workshop to present discussion pieces and foster conversation on the true challenges limiting the fielding of legged robots. The workshop will feature invited pioneers in the legged robotics community to discuss what they see as technical challenges limiting legged technology.

Invited Speakers

Here is a list of confirmed invitees who agreed to present (and have a robot demo).

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